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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 19, 2019

Schottel Enters the Tanker Segment


Schottel recently received an order to supply two EcoPellers and a bow thruster for installation in a chemical/oil tanker. The tanker will be built at Chinese shipyard Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding and will be operated by a European owner.

The 120 m x 21 m vessel is powered by an electric motor, which is vertically integrated into the azimuth thruster. The propulsion system of the tanker consists of two Schottel Rudder EcoPellers type SRE 460 L FP with an input power of 2,000 kW each and one Schottel Transverse Thruster type STT 170 FP. The SRE, with a fixed pitch propeller diameter of 2.70 m, will allow a service speed of 12 knots. To ensure maximum maneuverability, the tanker is fitted with one bowthruster.

With a design draft of 5.8m and a deadweight of 9,150 tons, the tanker is optimized for shallow water and river operating conditions. Designed by Chinese-based Bestway Marine Engineering Design, the vessel will mainly carry chemicals in bulk as well as industrial chemicals and clean petroleum products.

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