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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by July 17, 2019

SCHOTTEL Propels Barges, Cranes for Coal-fired Plant


SCHOTTEL has supplied propulsion systems for four Full Azimuthal Electrical (FAZEL) barges and two Floating Crane Transhipper Units (FCTU) dedicated to transhipment for Dubai’s Hassyan coal power plant. 

The FAZELs and FCTUs are built to European standards and operated in the UAE by Louis Dreyfus Ports & Logistics, a subsidiary of the French company Louis Dreyfus Armateurs. The German propulsion expert SCHOTTEL equipped the vessels with a total of 20 rudderpropellers.

FAZELs and FCTUs for coal transhipment
Each of the shallow draft barges is equipped with four azimuth thrusters (two at the stern and two at the bow). The main propulsion of one self-propelled barge comprises four vertically installed 780 kW electric motors, each driving a SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller type SRP 260 L FP with a propeller diameter of 1.6 m. Additionally, each FAZEL barge is equipped with a SCHOTTEL Masterstick control system. This enables the captain to control all four thrusters with one single lever and to maneuver more precisely. The 102.9 m long and 24.6 m wide FAZELs are almost equivalent to a DP system. Thus, the berthing maneuver and approach speed is controlled in such a manner that no tug assistance is required. Each of the FCTUs is driven by two electric motors acting on a SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller which is structurally identical to those of the FAZELs. The 48 t SWL floating crane has an overall length of 64.2 m and 24.0 m in width by a lifting height of 35.0 m.

First coal-fired power plant in Middle East
FCTUs and FAZELs will be used to unload capesize vessels and deliver coal at daily rate exceeding 36,000 metric tonnes. The coal-fired power plant is expected to produce sufficient electricity for nearly 250,000 households in Dubai. It is located on a four-square-kilometer site 60 kilometers south-west of Dubai and will be the first coal-based power plant in the region.

The fleet has already been delivered to Dubai and is scheduled to enter operation in 2019.

Individually tailored customer trainings by SCHOTTEL
For long-term smooth operation of propulsion and maneuvering systems, detailed knowledge of the correct handling and preventive maintenance procedures is required. SCHOTTEL offers every customer the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of propulsion units through training courses covering operation, applications and servicing. Upon request, the training can also be provided directly at the customer’s site. In the same way, the staff of the worldwide sales and service networks is kept regularly up to date about the latest developments in SCHOTTEL technology.

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