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Maritime Propulsion

July 31, 2014

Scottish Sea Farms Takes New Vessel Delivery

Scottish Salmon Farms has taken delivery of its latest vessel – powered by twin Doosan V158TIH main engines supplied by WaterMota.

Designed by consultant naval architects AG Salmon as a multi-role vessel, Sally Ann was built by Arklow Marine Services in Ireland for Scottish Sea Farms to be used on the West Coast of Scotland across all the Scottish Sea Farms sites.
The vessel is 22.8m in length with an 8m beam and a lightship displacement of 120 tonnes. She has a service speed of 9 knots with a maximum speed of 10.5 knots.

The Doosan V158TIH engine is a 14.6 litre V8 twin turbo charged and intercooled unit produces 480bhp / 353kW at 1,800rpm. It has a conventional fuel injection system and two push-rod operated values per cylinder for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

The engines are coupled to Twin Disk quick shift boxes and clutched PTOs.

“The Doosan range of heavy duty propulsion engines and auxiliaries is a firm favourite with commercial fleets,” explained WaterMota MD, Mike Beacham. “The engines are designed for easy, fast and economical installation and are well balanced to provide vibration free and low level noise while in operation, together with allowing for ease of maintenance.”

Sally Ann is capable of carrying 106 tonnes on deck and also has the ability to carry containerised cargo and ISO tanks together with fuel bunkers for 16,000 litres of fuel and three tonnes of water.

“She will have permanent crew on board and will be used for fish treatments, net cleaning and changing, mooring handling and general day to day tasks around the sites,” explained Alisdair Salmon of AG Salmon. “As she will be used for so many different roles, she has a lot of equipment on board. She will be expected to work 52 weeks of the year.”

He added: “One of her jobs will be fish health and maintenance so she is also able to have containerised specialist equipment on board for that as and when needed.”

Other equipment includes a 40 tonne Palfinger crane, 25 tonne capstans, 15 tonne winch, two generators and net washing equipment – a hydraulic hose reel and deck washing pump driven off the starboard engine - plus portable sacrificial netting on deck, a gantry arrangement on the stern and a full suite of electronics in the wheelhouse.

She has three separate cabins suitable for carrying three crew members.

WaterMota supplies engines up to 22 litres, reversing gearboxes, power take-offs and steering systems, gensets and power packs, plus sea water pumps.

The engines were commissioned by Rob Walker of Harbour Marine Engineering Services.


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