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Maritime Propulsion

November 2, 2021

SeaBubbles Selects Spear’s Trident Battery Solution

(Image: SeaBubbles)

U.S.-based Spear Power Systems said it will provide its Trident marine battery systems for SeaBubbles' 100% electric, hybrid hydrogen and batteries flying boats. The first-of-its-kind water vehicle designed by France-based manufacturer SeaBubbles has been developed to help alleviate heavy congestion in cities close to bodies of water.

The SeaBubbles flying boats have already completed test runs in Geneva, Paris and the Mediterranean basin, and have subsequently been chosen to receive funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. With this additional funding, SeaBubbles has chosen Spear to provide a lithium-ion energy storage system to pair with the fuel cells on the current system. Fuel cell technologies are a promising road to a greener future, but they often require support for peak shaving and load change activities – making a battery/fuel cell hybrid a complete solution. This upgraded “SeaBubbles model” will be larger than its predecessor and sport a variety of new supporting technologies, including advanced foils control systems, cutting-edge Power Management, stabilization flaps, and the Trident battery system which will provide propulsion for the vessel in conjunction with the fuel cells. Because of the dual power source, this model will have a significantly shorter shore recharge time (3-4 minutes) as the battery system is able to recharge while the fuel cells are propelling the taxi.

Jean-Marie Nicot-Bérenger, General Manager for SeaBubbles, addressed the marriage of fuel cell technology and lithium-ion battery systems: “SeaBubbles’ iconic flying boat embarks on a wide range of challenging innovations: stabilized hydrofoils, advanced control and power management systems, as well as hydrogen fuel cell & battery hybrid-powertrains in a public transportation vessel. To make it fly, we are selecting the highest power-to-mass efficient energy system. Spear’s Trident battery delivers that key requirement together with the highest standards in safety, reliability, and marine certification.” The choice of a Trident battery stems from Spear’s history of innovative and adaptable solutions both in and out of the marine market.

Co-founder and CEO of Spear Power Systems, Jeffrey Kostos, said, “Spear’s Trident battery solution was selected due to its unique configuration, adaptability, and exceptionally lightweight system. Where most systems are defined by their rack design, the Trident system’s flexibility allows for racks to be arranged in a way to maximize the use of what space is available – a true necessity on a smaller vessel. Paired with a history of reliability and safety, Trident is a perfect fit for the water taxi of tomorrow.”