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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by June 2, 2016

Silent Power for Tenders, Workboats, and Green Lakes

Photo: Torqeedo

The 100 percent electric Cruise 10.0 R outboard motor delivers performance with the simplicity of a low-voltage system. Newly designed and engineered, it delivers the equivalent to a 20 hp combustion engine with 12 kW peak and 10 kW continuous input power.

The new flagship of Torqeedo's full line of Cruise motors reaches top speeds up to 21 mph. It can travel up to 19 miles at 19 mph and has a 45 mile range at lower speed.

The Cruise 10.0 R is quiet, emission-free and operates at 48 volts, which makes it easy and uncomplicated to handle and maintain. It's a suitable companion for RIB and luxury tenders, and boats on green lakes. Commercial operators running workboats, water taxis and tour vessels can profit from the motor's low operating and maintenance costs.

At first glance, it's obvious that the Cruise 10.0 is not a conventional outboard. The motor itself is discreetly housed underwater in a robust aluminum pylon, cooled naturally by the surrounding water. The shaft is hydrodynamically optimized and the head reflects the slim, low-profile and elegant frame design of the series.

This is where the similarities with the smaller Cruise models end. The Cruise 10.0 R is edgier and more substantial than its predecessors. With its performance, ruggedness and unique look, it fills the gap between the smaller outboards and Torqeedo's Deep Blue high-voltage motors.

Integrated GPS and an onboard computer deliver precise information about speed, power consumption and remaining range on the included remote throttle display. It works seamlessly with Torqeedo's TorqTrac app to display all motor information right on a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone.