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Maritime Propulsion

August 5, 2014

SINOPACIFIC’s Design SPP17A Secures First Order from Mexico


Sinopacific Shipbuilding Group (SINOPACIFIC), has recently signed a contract with a Mexican shipping company, Naviera Petrolera Integral S.A. de C.V. for the construction of 3 (three) SPP17A vessels. All vessels will be built in SINOPACIFIC’s Zhejiang Shipyard and are expected to be delivered before the end of 2015. Following that, the new vessels will be used by PEMEX, Mexico’s largest governmental owned oil company, in their oil and gas development projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is the first time that SINOPACIFIC’s own “SP” brand Offshore Support Vessel (OSV-Offshore Support Vessel, including PSV-Platform Support Vessel) has entered the Mexican market; another new success for “SP” brand OSV shortly after its first new-building deal from the Singaporean market. Mexico has been called as "the country floating in a sea of oil". Entering a major market for oil and gas production is of strategic significance for SINOPACIFIC.

Founded in 1997, Naviera Petrolera Integral is a dynamic Mexican shipping company. Its Group company, whose history can be dated back to 1987, is also engaged in the shipping business. Since 1998 a new round of fleet renovation has been initiated in Naviera Petrolera Integral, S.A. de C.V. Now it has 33 (thirty three) new vessels, of which 19 (nineteen) are Fast supply vessels (FSVs), occupying a leading share in the global shipping market segment.

Busy charter business requires ship-owners to be rigid about the delivery of new-buildings.

Sophisticated ship design and experienced manufacturers are necessary to support this strategy. Since its foundation, SINOPACIFIC has attached great attention to its OSV design team, as OSV projects are specially equipped with high-standard hardware and advanced processes. In that regard, Zhejiang Shipyard under SINOPACIFIC, boasts over 20,ooo m2 indoor slipway that allows smooth shipbuilding process through all the year. SINOPACIFIC, headquartered in Shanghai, has office in Norway as well and is a company with a sophisticated resource management capability for OSV projects.

Naviera Petrolera Integral is also satisfied with the design of SPP17A. It is a small PSV developed in-house developed by SINOPACIFIC, with an overall length of 61.8m, moulded breadth of 14.0m, moulded depth of 5.8m, deadweight of 1,700mt, design draft of 4.3m, and accommodation for 24 persons. SPP17A employs a very efficient and fuel low consumption electric propulsion system DPII and due to in-depth optimization of its dimensions, equipment arrangement, cabin layout, and structural design, it achieves excellent performance in terms of design parameters, stowage, ease of operation, comfort, and deadweight. This design has previously received many orders from European ship-owners.

“SP ” brand is designed by Shanghai Design Associates (SDA), a branch of SINOPACIFIC specializing in Offshore Supply Vessels design. SPA80, the earliest product, was China’s first self-designed advanced AHTS. Its comprehensive technical indicators were of world-class level. In terms of PSV ship design, SDA has successfully designed small, medium, and large ships, of which SPP35 has been named as one of the best medium-sized multifunctional PSV in the world. Its performance in safety, operational efficiency, and environmental protection has achieved world leading standards.

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