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Maritime Propulsion

April 18, 2012

SKF Provides Solutions for Thrusters in Marine Industry

Gothenburg, Sweden -  SKF has announced the availability of SKF Thruster Monitoring, an integrated and flexible condition-based maintenance (CBM) solution for propulsion and positioning thrusters (tunnel and azimuthing thrusters) in the marine and offshore industries.

“There is a clear desire and trend to integrate existing separate systems onboard a vessel. The SKF Thruster Monitoring solution combines all required information in one system, which can be integrated with both the thruster and ship management systems,” said Gerald Rolfe, SKF Marine Executive Business Manager.

The new monitoring solution is applicable for both ship operators and thruster manufacturers, and for aftermarket and new build installations. The SKF Thruster Monitoring solution can be used for all makes and types of thrusters across various sectors of the marine industry.

The solution is based on the proven range of SKF condition monitoring products and services, including robust on-line technology for vibration, lubricant and data monitoring. Services available include turn-key installation, commissioning, remote data analysis and reporting, as well as suggested reliability improvements based on the monitored results.

SKF Thruster Monitoring supports ship operators in achieving classification agency CBM requirements, as well as providing the basis for proactive maintenance and operational decisions based on actual thruster condition. Benefits include extended class survey intervals, reduced need for dry-docking, reduced risk of failures and improved ship availability. The solution enables the end-user to operate the vessel with more thruster reliability and with greater profitability.