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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by June 5, 2017

Smallest Hydrotab Intercerptor Trim Tabs Yet

Photo: Hydrotab

Hydrotab has introduced its smallest Interceptor Trim Tab yet, the 160BT. Engineered for boats up to 20', or for use on unique hull designs, the units are available through the company's exclusive North American distributor, GlobalTec Solutions.

The new 160BT has all of the great benefits as the rest of Hydrotab's BT series. An interceptor-style, it creates lift with less surface drag than a traditional trim tab plate. It delivers improved boat control and enhanced fuel economy. The 160BT is also the ideal solution for vessels with propeller tunnels or multiple outboards, when paired with another set of Hydrotab blades. At 8.3" L x 3.5" W x 4.5" H, its compact size is easy to incorporate into almost any hull configuration.

Simple in design yet robust in construction, the 160BT's housing is manufactured from stainless steel and its blade from a lightweight, high-density composite. It operates pneumatically and is easily installed.

The 160BT is available with three controller options. The ECO version comes with a rocker switch. The 3DHC LED controller features position indicators and automatic retraction. For full automation with built-in GPS and accelerometer sensors, there is the 4DHC.

MSRP for a complete Hydrotab 160BT Interceptor Trim Tab system starts at $800.

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