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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by December 23, 2014

Successful MTG Light Off for USS Zumwalt

The future USS Zumwalt, the first ship of the DDG 1000 multi-mission destroyer class, performed a successful Generator Light-Off of its first Main Turbine Generator Set (MTG) recently. The ship is now power self-sufficient enabling follow-on systems testing and trials.
“I am very pleased to confirm the successful Light-Off of the first Rolls-Royce MT30 Main Turbine Generator Set,” said Neil Pickard, Program Executive, Rolls-Royce. “(This)  is significant as it enables us to progress with more comprehensive and self-sufficient testing of the ship’s Integrated Power System (IPS) over the weeks and months ahead.”
The IPS on the DDG 1000 generates all the power required for main propulsion, combat systems, sensors and weapons systems.
Found onboard Zumwalt are two Rolls-Royce MT30 Main Turbine Generator Sets (MTGs) and two RR4500 Auxiliary Turbine Generator Sets (ATGs) that will provide a total of 78 MW for total ship power - the MTGs provide 35.4 MW each and the ATGs 3.8 MW each.

(As published in the November 2014 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -

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