Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Maritime Propulsion

August 24, 2022

Frøy Taps ABB Power System for Hybrid Live-Fish Carrier

ABB powers hybrid live-fish carriers for sustainable operations. Image credit Møre Maritime 2022

ABB won a repeat order with Sefine Shipyard to deliver a power and propulsion system to a second Frøy live-fish carrier, a system that comprises ABB’s Onboard DC Grid and a distribution solution designed specifically for integrating fish-handling equipment and other specialized equipment.

The power setup will be managed by ABB's integrated Power and Energy Management System (PEMS).

While fish-handling systems have traditionally used AC solutions, ABB’s Onboard DC Grid enables a DC setup. This requires fewer components, filters and other equipment  and simplifies the configuration of the frequency converter solution. Also, DC is less exposed to harmonic distortion, as well as onboard space savings, ease of maintenance and an enhanced operational overview, according to ABB.