Saturday, July 2, 2022
Maritime Propulsion

May 20, 2022

Tech File: Hillhouse Industrial Shaftmaster 6000

Photo courtesy Hillhouse Industrial

In business since 1984 and weathering the various economic and market ups and downs over the last 40 years, Hillhouse Industrial Marine Inc. have progressed to its current system: The Shaftmaster 6000, which provides shaft RPM, shaft horsepower, shaft torque, total shaft horsepower hours, total shaft kW/hr., total shaft revolutions, total engine hours and specific fuel consumption.

The system from Hillhouse is a PLC with a Micro SD chip for recording data in time (Typically) in five-second intervals, however can be changed for more or less intervals and can be triggered by a discrete input. Once the Shaftmaster 6000 has been calibrated, the system will stay in calibration as long as the sensors are not moved. 

The Shaftmaster 6000's touch screens can be linked together from the shaft to control room, chiefs room, captains room and bridge. The Shaftmaster 6000 has a scoreboard type display making the data more visable at the bridge port and starboard wings. 

Accoding the the manufacture, with the fuel savings that it can help to generate, the Shaftmaster 6000 has an estimated return on investment in just six to 12 months.

Photo courtesy Hillhouse Industrial