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Maritime Propulsion

August 26, 2021

Tech File: X-Series Waterjets

(Image: Marine Jet Power)

Launched in 2018 to cater to the propulsion demands of high-speed vessel applications, Marine Jet Power’s (MJP) X-Series waterjets are engineered to deliver more power in a lighter unit that burns less fuel and extends range.

“With the X Series we have taken our proven highly efficient mixed flow pump technology from our DRB and CSU Series, and adopted it into a fully integrated, quick to install waterjet which is mostly constructed from duplex stainless steel,” said Jonas Tegström, CEO of Sweden-based MJP. “The DRB and CSU waterjets are highly customizable and very successful in various applications. But with the X-Series, we wanted to take the best performing pump on the market and provide our customers with a more 'off the shelf' and cost-effective waterjet that is much quicker to install.”

First introduced in 280, 310 and 350 X sizes (611-1,000 kW), the X-Series has recently expanded to include the new 400, 450 and 500 X sizes (up to 2070 kW / 2775 bhp).

“The three new sizes in the X-Series range are suitable for vessels up to 40 meters, or 131 feet, in length,” Tegström said. “Due to their duplex stainless steel construction and mixed-flow pump, the X-Series is not only highly efficient but highly durable. This equates to many benefits for a diverse range of marine applications including search and rescue vessels, fire boats and fast military craft globally.”

Additionally, Tegström said the new larger X-Series models are particularly well suited for the emerging global offshore wind market, which will see a large number of new vessels built in the U.S. and overseas. “MJP has a long history of supplying propulsion for crew transfer vessels servicing windfarms across Europe,” he said. “Our experience in this segment has influenced the design of the larger X Series models by creating a product that is easy to install, saving the shipyard time and money, and easy to maintain and operate, offering end-users a very low cost of ownership.”

According to the manufacturer, the 400, 450 and 500 X-Series models have been designed in compliance with full class approval with dual feedback sensors and a stainless-steel hydraulic tank. The jet models will be configured with MJP's JetMaster3 electronic control system, which under class rules come with a dual power supply, redundancy and back-up system. The fabricated intake has been developed for larger vessels, optimized through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to offer both high-top speed and high thrust, MJP said.

MJP said other key X-Series features include a responsive nozzle with central fin, optimized reverse bucket, and a fully integrated hydraulic pump, resulting in a highly efficient waterjet that’s easy to install, operate and maintain.

The new X-Series sizes are available now and the first 400X unit will be delivered to an undisclosed customer in Asia next quarter.