Saturday, December 4, 2021
Maritime Propulsion

November 9, 2021

Tech Files: HydroComp Releases PropExpert 2021

Image courtesy Hydrocomp

HydroComp released its latest version of PropExpert with new Windows “visual styles” option and other technical updates.

During 2021 HydroComp has undertaken a significant in-house initiative to enhance product “look-and-feel” for contemporary themes available in Windows 10/11. The overall workflow process remains unchanged and will be familiar to users, but new controls and graphs now support Windows “visual style”. 

This is available as a “Flat UX” theme option.

New performance model for 4-bladed Kaplan19A

Prior versions of PropExpert used a performance model developed from limited Expanded Area Ratio (EAR) test data. This restricted its application to 0.55 to 0.70 EAR range. A new model was developed by HydroComp that provides a smooth distribution of the  influence of EAR on performance, greatly improving predictions at higher values of EAR. The new model is recommended for EAR values as high as 0.85 (but is indicated to be substantially improved for values as high as 1.00 EAR).