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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 22, 2016

WE Tech Shaft Generator Solutions for Stena ROPAX Ferries

(Photo: Stena Line)

WE Tech said it has received an order to deliver its permanent magnet shaft generator solutions to a series of four fuel efficient ROPAX ferries, with an option for another four. The vessels are to be built for the Swedish shipping company Stena RoRo at AVIC Weihai Shipyard Co., Ltd. in China. The four initial vessels will be operated by Stena Line within its route network in Northern Europe.
“WE have developed the most energy efficient shaft generator solution to reduce the fuel consumption, operational costs and environmental footprint. Cooperation with one of the pioneers in shipping – Stena RoRo is a very significant step for us,” said Martin Andtfolk, Sales Manager of WE Tech. 
“These ships will be the most fuel-efficient ferries in the world and will set a new industry standard when it comes to operational performance, emissions and cost competitiveness, positioning Stena Line to support its customers in the next decades,” said Carl-Johan Hagman, Head of Shipping, Stena AB. 
“With our solution the shaft generator, driven by the main engine, can produce all the needed electricity on-board without using any fuel to run the auxiliary generators when sailing. Our solution is also based on frequency drive technology which allows the main engine to run at variable speed while producing electricity on-board. This results in tons of fuel savings every day,” said Andtfolk.

The two 2,600 kW shaft generators, together with variable frequency drive – WE Drive, generate power for the ship’s electrical network in power take out (PTO) mode. The solution also utilizes the common DC-link for power distribution in bow thrusters.
WE Tech is scheduled to begin equipment delivery for the first vessel starting in January 2018.
“With our proven technology, we take our customers to success in terms of energy efficiency, fuel consumption and green values,” said Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech.


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