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Maritime Propulsion

March 7, 2023

Tech Trio to Develop LOHC-SOFC Power System for Maritime

  • Photo Copyright Østensjø_Rederi
  • SOFC System. Image Copyright Alma Clean Power
  • Photo Copyright Østensjø_Rederi
  • SOFC System. Image Copyright Alma Clean Power

A trio of companies -- Alma Clean Power, Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies and Hydrogenious LOHC Maritime -- announced a joint development agreement to engineer a fully integrated LOHC-SOFC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) power system for the Enova supported project HyNjord, focusing on a 100-kW pilot powertrain to be demonstrated on board the Østensjø Rederi operated offshore supply vessel Edda Ferd. 

The agreements also open up for hydrogen-powered vessels on megawatt-scale later. The innovation combines hydrogen release from the LOHC with direct conversion into power by an adjacent SOFC unit to the benefit of high efficiency. The key to this lies in using the SOFC device’s excess heat to meet the LOHC release unit’s heat demand. Hydrogenious’ LOHC solution is designed to provide a safe and easy method for handling hydrogen as a fuel.

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies is a leader of liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) solutions in the fields of hydrogen storage and transportation. Instead of using gaseous or liquified hydrogen, hydrogen is chemically bound to the carrier material benzyl toluene, a thermal oil. Hydrogenious LOHC Maritime utilizes this specific LOHC tech to assemble and market a shipshape LOHC-fuel cell powertrain, with compelling safety and handling advantages for shipping. The hydrogen is directly released on board from the LOHC in fuel cell grade.

“The introduction of LOHC into the Alma world underpins our multi-fuel strategy, adding one more fuel on our list of opportunities for decarbonization of the shipping industry," said Torleif Stokke, Head of Commercialization in Alma Clean Power. "Combining LOHC with our SOFC
systems is an excellent way to make the best out of green hydrogen. The LOHC technology offers a safe means of transporting and storing hydrogen on ships, pushing the boundaries for using hydrogen effectively also in deep-sea shipping. Combined with our high-temperature SOFC technology, we can ensure high energy efficiency with zero emission operations."

LOHC Concept. Image Copyright Hydrogenious_LOHC