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Posted by March 4, 2014

Terragon Awarded for Innovation

Photo: Terragon

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. was the recipient of the Technical Innovation award at the 2014 Lloyd’s List North American Awards dinner held February 19 in Houston, Texas. The award celebrates the shipping industry’s ability to create and recognizes groundbreaking technology, design and service.

Terragon earned the award for its novel technology, the Micro Auto Gasification (or simply, MAGS), an appliance designed to use shipboard solid waste and sludge oils as fuel to create useful energy that can be integrated back onboard the vessel.

The award, open to all maritime sectors, is for any company or individual that can demonstrate a technological innovation that has led to a meaningful advance for the shipping industry. Judges look for examples that demonstrate the best the North American shipping industry has to offer in terms of technological innovation.

Terragon said the process of converting waste to energy onboard with MAGS is an effective and environmentally sensible solution for waste management and energy production. MAGS does not require reliance on fossil fuels to operate, as the process of auto-gasification creates a syngas that is the main fuel source for the system. The emissions from MAGS exceed the current regulations set out in MEPC.76(40). The remaining residue, about 5%, is called biochar and is a nutrient rich compound that can be safely returned to the environment.

Terragon’s President and CEO, Peter Tsantrizos, and Director of Sales, Andrew Korney, were in attendance at the awards. “MAGS enables the ‘zero waste discharge habitat’ by allowing anyone to use the materials currently considered ‘waste’ to generate clean energy,” said CEO and President, Peter Tsantrizos.

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