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TMEIC Introduces Dual Purpose Drive

A new application for the TMdrive-10e2 Low Voltage Drive

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) has announced a new application for the TMdrive-10e2 low voltage drive. 
The TM10e2 Dual Purpose (DP) Drive is a solution for modernization projects where the user wishes to upgrade from a legacy DC system to a modern AC system, TMEIC said. The TMdrive-10e2 Dual Purpose drive is capable of powering and controlling either a DC or AC motor. This capability allows for flexibility in planning AC to DC drive system modernizations in a manner that accommodates production requirements and budgetary constraints. New AC motors can be powered and controlled using TM10e2 DP drives with AC motor control firmware installed. Existing DC motors can be powered and controlled using TM10e2 DP drives with DC motor control firmware installed. DC Motors can be replaced at any time with AC motors powered and controlled by the previously installed TM10e2 DP drives. 
The Dual Purpose drive uses standard TMdrive-10e2 drive power and control hardware for both AC and DC motor control. When DC motors are upgraded to AC, the drive can be reconfigured for AC motor control by switching the firmware from the DC to the AC motor control function set. The drive can then be quickly returned to achieve the required operational performance.
DC and AC motors have different physical and electrical requirements. In addition to the standard TMdrive-10e2 AC drive, an auxiliary panel with both armature and field circuit filters is required for the DC motor.
Features and Benefits
  • Standard TMdrive-10e2 uses IGBT gating with Pulse Width Modulation
  • Four quadrant regenerative operation from DC armature
  • Non-reversing, non-plugging field power
  • Standard TMdrive-10e2 converter DC source used for all AC and DC drives
  • Converter operates with reduced harmonics and unity power factor for reduced impact on the plant power system
Comparison between Thyristor and IGBT Systems
The TMdrive-10e2-DP IGBT gating reduces armature RMS current ripple more than 3:1 compared to traditional 6-pulse thyristor drives. Reduced RMS ripple results in lower motor heating and better commutation. Legacy DC drive systems operate at a Power Factor (PF) between approximately 0 and 0.8 lagging with appropriately sized infrastructure. The TMdrive-P10e2 regenerative converter operates at 1.0 PF with smaller cable and transformer requirements, higher efficiency and lower utility costs. If the existing utility infrastructure is marginal, it will be more robust after upgrading with the Dual Purpose Drive system.
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