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Maritime Propulsion

January 13, 2015

Torqeedo Introduces Deep Blue Hybrid

Photo courtesy of Torqeedo

Torqeedo Introduces high-powered Deep Blue product line into hybrid solution line.

More than simply propulsion, this is the first fully integrated system that acts as an energy supply for both the hybrid drive and all AC/DC electrical loads on board. This solution can harness solar, wind, plug-in and regenerative power in the system's high-capacity batteries, keeping generator runtime to a minimum.

Ample and always available electrical power presents many benefits. Large house loads, such as air conditioning and cooking, can be met by batteries alone, leaving owners to enjoy all the comforts of home with no generator noise or exhaust to spoil the serenity. Work and service boats can run large tools, winches and test equipment directly off the high-capacity batteries. Environmental research and monitoring vessels can access sensitive areas and take measurements in clean, quiet, and undisturbed water conditions.

The modular nature of the components means Deep Blue Hybrid can be configured to match the specific requirements of each application. It is available as inboard, outboard or saildrive in the 40-160 hp power classes, and as a single or twins.

"Taking existing Deep Blue components and adding the utility of multiple charging sources was the next logical development for this powerful system," said Steve Trkla, president of Torqeedo, Inc. "Deep Blue Hybrid offers all the benefits of pure electric propulsion, including an unprecedented level of luxury and utility on board, while allowing for extended motoring. It is proving to be a very compelling option for cruising sailboats between 40 and 80', as well as professionally operated vessels."

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