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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by May 22, 2015

Torqeedo Introduces New Deep Blue Inboard

Image: Torqeedo

Torqeedo now offers a shaft drive version of its 40 and 80 horsepower Deep Blue motor.

An electric drive designed for marine use from the ground up, the Deep Blue inboard shares the safety, power and performance of the original outboard system, also featuring a quiet, low-maintenance, fume-free and environmentally friendly ride, Torqeedo said.

Torqeedo said customers see electric cars and buses on the streets and are intrigued by the benefits of this propulsion on their boats. However, many systems on the market are one-off solutions without comprehensive safety features. Torqeedo said it has invested thousands of development hours in industrial-level safety and engineering.

Launched in Europe earlier this year, Deep Blue inboard opens many possibilities for new and repowered vessels. Several European builders offer an electric version of their lake cruisers and tenders, finding the 1,800 rpm model provides the torque and acceleration required. These vessels feature a  range of over 100 miles at slow speed and a maximum speed of 18 mph.

"Deep Blue inboard on recreational vessels is a lot of fun, but it also offers a compelling option to the diesel-dominated market of tour boats, water taxis, workboats and larger sailboats," said Chris Carroll, Torqeedo vice president of sales and marketing. "The 1,400 rpm version takes advantage of the high torque available to propel heavy loads efficiently. This ends up saving our commercial customers thousands of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs over time."

Charging is simple. Users just plug in and walk away. The high-voltage lithium batteries are manufactured in the U.S. by Johnson Controls to Torqeedo's exacting standards of quality. They carry  a nine-year, 80 percent capacity warranty.

Torqeedo is working with select North American OEMs to integrate Deep Blue inboard into their lines.


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