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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 10, 2016

Twin Disc Expands Workboat Product Range

Twin Disc, manufacturer of technologically advanced marine power transmission solutions, has launched new products and enhancements that will benefit commercial mariners worldwide. The company will display its introductions at the International WorkBoat Show, November 30–December 2, in New Orleans.

E-STEER  is Twin Disc's new approach to marine steering. Instead of countless yards of labor-intensive, leak-prone and expensive hydraulic lines, it connects the helm and hydraulic-powered rudder(s) electronically. Speed Sensing technology provides adaptive resistance. At full throttle, the helm is firm; at slow maneuvering speeds, it's light and highly responsive.

Twin Disc's innovative EC-300 Power Commander control system has been upgraded. A maintenance-free, contactless magnetic Hall Effect sensor replaces the electro-mechanical unit. A Backup Propulsion Control System provides fully redundant command. It also ships with a new graphic display panel with twin engine readout for monitoring the minutest data of the vessel's propulsion system. Matched to QuickShift transmissions, the EC-300 offers exacting throttle control for close-quarter navigating.

The company's Express Joystick System (EJS) has been enhanced. It's now offered with the option of interfacing with a broad range of CAN-based digital thruster systems. Workboat operators can now take full advantage of the precise maneuvering capabilities the EJS provides and select the thruster that's most appropriate to the workboat application.

Rounding-out the WorkBoat Show product debuts is Veth Propulsion's VZ-700 Z-drive azimuth thruster. It delivers 631 kW of maximum power to spin the 55.1" single nozzled propeller. With few moving parts outside of the gearbox, the simple yet robust design provides a long service life with little maintenance. Rated for 100 percent continuous power, it's built with minimal piping due to compact construction. Twin Disc is the Veth Propulsion distributor for much of the U.S. and select Asian markets.
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