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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 27, 2017

Upgraded OPV Delivered to Malta

OPV P61 was delivered to the Armed Forces of Malta with a new main propulsion plant and other machinery and equipment (Photo: Fincantieri)

Having undergone six months of upgrading activities at Fincantieri’s Genoa drydocking facility, Offshore Patrol Vessel P61 has been delivered to the Armed Forces of Malta.

The upgrade, which aimed to improve the vessel’s reaction capability, included the installation of a new main propulsion plant, other machinery and equipment as well as the overhaul of most of the ship’s onboard systems.  The project was co-financed by the European Union Internal Security Fund.
Offshore Patrol Vessel P61 is over 53 meters long and was built and delivered by Fincantieri’s shipyard of Muggiano to the Armed Forces of Malta in 2005 as a modified variant of the Diciotti Class Patrol Boat, built by Fincantieri for the Italian Coast Guard.
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