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October 4, 2013

VGP-compliant Lubricants with a Pedigree

Image credit PANOLIN

With nearly 30 years experience in producing environmentally-considerate lubricants, PANOLIN offers its VGP-compliant Greenmarine products to help owners and operators meet the imminent EPA requirements. Unlike most trying to comply with the EPA VGP, PANOLIN say that their products are not a newcomers on the market. Some of the world's largest hydraulic equipment OEMs have relied on PANOLIN products for decades.

PANOLIN Greenmarine lubricants use fully saturated synthetic esters and specially developed additives to achieve 100% VGP and sVGP compliance without sacrificing performance. The range includes hydraulic fluids, gear oil and production line control fluids, as well as lubricants for stern tubes, gear boxes, cables and sliding parts.

These products have proven themselves through harsh continued use in dredging, offshore, subsea, marine and hydropower applications with customers around the world. These synthetic lubricants separate from water easily and quickly due to their fully saturated ester compound, and possess self-drying characteristics when heated. Their higher affinity to water and moisture content allows for water separation and removal, providing long-term product stability and durability.

By also decreasing the frequency of oil changes and enhancing operating efficiency, these products effectively reduce CO2 emissions. In field tests, Greenmarine synthetic lubricants have a much longer life than comparable mineral oil products.

Accreditations from established environmental regulatory labels like Blue Angel, Swedish Standard and the European Commission's Ecolabel attest to the sustainability of PANOLIN Greenmarine products. Backed by over 60 years of Swiss oil technology, PANOLIN specializes in biodegradable, minimally toxic and non-bio accumulative lubricants for demanding marine applications.

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