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October 9, 2015

Volvo Penta Doubles Service Interval


Volvo Penta today announced a new extended service interval for its commercial marine diesel engines.
Under the new program, owners can double the maximum oil change interval to 1,000 hours for Volvo Penta D9, D11, D13 and D16 engines by meeting the following requirements:
Follow the 1,000-hour protocol, including a Volvo Penta oil analysis
Use genuine Volvo Penta oil filters
Use genuine Volvo Penta engine oil
Use fuel with maximum 500 ppm sulfur content
“We recognize that minimizing downtime is a critical requirement for commercial marine operators,” said Marcia Kull, Vice President-Marine Sales, for Volvo Penta of the Americas. “That’s why we instituted this new extended service interval program – to maximize uptime and reliability through the use of high-quality parts and fluids, low-sulfur fuel and periodic oil analysis.”
Volvo Penta launched its oil analysis program in 2014 to make it easy to obtain expert diagnostics of engine oil. A factory authorized oil analysis provides a basic driveline health check yielding a wealth of information on what’s happening inside an engine. Oil samples are sent to a Volvo Penta authorized laboratory, where technicians perform a rigorous full-spectrum analysis. The laboratory sends back a complete report by email within 24-48 hours with recommendations for actions. Volvo Penta maintains a history of all oil analysis reports for each engine to facilitate tracking the wear of the engine over its lifetime.
Commercial marine customers should contact their Volvo Penta dealer to learn how to take advantage of the extended service interval program.

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