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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by April 2, 2018

Washington State: Hybrid Electric Ferries to be Considered

File photo: Jumbo Mark II class ferry Puyallup in drydock in 2013. (Photo: Washington State Department of Transportation)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed into law An Act Relating to Transportation Funding and Appropriations (SB 6106).
Among other things, the bill includes $600,000 for development of a request for proposal to convert the three Washington State Ferry vessels in the Jumbo Mark II class to hybrid electric propulsion and make associated necessary 10 modifications to the Seattle, Bainbridge, Edmonds and Kingston 11 terminals. See the legislation here.

The Jumbo Mark II class includes three 460-foot double-ended ferries – Puyallup, Tacoma and Wenatchee – each built in the late 1990s. The largest ferries in the Washington State fleet, each vessel can transport up to 2,499 passengers and 202 vehicles.

(Source: with thanks to Dennis Bryant)
Dennis Bryant