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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by December 23, 2014

WEG’s CFW11W Offers Higher Power

Photo courtesy of WEG

WEG presented its CFW11W variable speed drive to the shipbuilding and marine industry for the first time recently, and according to WEG, the water-cooled drive offers up to 40% higher power in a more compact size than standard air-cooled inverters and as a result enables shipbuilders to increase efficiencies and optimize their processes on board. The modular, water-cooled CFW11W frequency inverter from WEG offers a solution to space and corrosion challenges.
With power ratings from 450 kW to 2,800 kW, CFW11W is suitable for low-voltage applications and is suited for critical and support drive systems such as rudder systems, bow and stern thrusters, winches, pumps and fans. As the inverter is water-cooled, there is no additional need for fans and it offers significant size savings compared to air-cooled models. CFW11W is an economic solution, eliminating the need for costly air-conditioned electrical equipment rooms.
Aside from water cooling, the CFW11W inverters are structurally identical to WEG’s standard CFW11M models in the same product family.

(As published in the November 2014 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -

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