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Maritime Propulsion

October 21, 2013

WMS & Yara Ship Emission Control Equipment Agreement

Yara International is to take over ownership of Yarwil’s NOx abatement technology, for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and further develop it for use in the marine emissions to air market. Wilhelmsen Maritime Services will continue as a distributor in the maritime market.

WMS and Yara entered the market in 2007 with the Yarwil joint venture, offering NOx abatement solutions under the NOxCare brand. Yarwil and its employees will be transferred to the two parent companies respectively.

“The market for this environmental technology is rapidly increasing and we expect to see a steady growth with adoption of such systems by commercial vessels. We look forward to continuing in a more direct way our close cooperation with Wilhelmsen with regards to the nitrogen chemistry and technology for maritime emissions abatement,” said Yves Bonte, Head of Yara’s Industrial segment.

Dag Schjerven, president and CEO of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services explained the background for the new collaboration: “Yarwil and the NOxCare Marine solution have been successful, but the competitive environment in their main markets has gotten steadily tougher, putting increasing pressure on prices and profitability. A leaner supply model is therefore needed to counter this development.”

According to the parties concerned, the agreement establishes direct collaboration and enables both companies to focus on core strengths in reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions to air from commercial vessels.


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