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January 26, 2021

Yamaha Updates its Premium V6 Range

(Photo: Yamaha Marine)

Yamaha Marine announced a series of upgrades to its premium V6 outboard range.

The improved Yamaha V6 range shares design cues from the company’s flagship XTO, with new features including Digital Electric Steering (DES), Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) and Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt.

Yamaha’s Premium V6 segment now offers extensive functionality, from everyday use and long-distance journeys to high octane sports use.

New 250 – 300 hp V6 Engines
Digital Electric Steering (DES) is now built-in to the 300 - 250hp V6 engines equipped with Steer by Wire (SBW), delivering a smoother and more intuitive driving experience, with no hydraulic systems to bleed or steering cables to snag. Non-SBW 300 - 250hp V6 engines are fully compatible with optional bolt-on DES or traditional hydraulic steering systems.

Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt function allows complete tilt up or down (until trim ram contact) from any position with a simple double-push of a button, with a buzzer sounding to alert others to keep clear of the outboard and an integrated tilt limiter to prevent inadvertent damage.

Augmenting the outboards reverse thrust and control, the Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) keeps exhaust bubbles above the anti-ventilation plate and out of the propeller below 2500 rpm, ensuring the prop only bites bubble free water. Combining TERE with optional DES and the Helm Master EX joystick will enhance maneuverability around docks and confined spaces.

Taking much of the styling from the XTO, the new 4.2-litre 300 - 250hp V6 engines now feature a color-matched lower unit, a new one-piece top cowling with water-draining air duct molding, a new bottom cowling, apron shape and premium graphics.

The lower unit has also been improved and features the new design of the gear tooth profile with improved contact and reduced surface pressure. In addition, the durability has been improved by changing the oil flow inside the lower case and the bearings that support the gears.

New 225hp V6 Engines
The new Yamaha 225hp V6, designed with the same styling as the 250 - 300, is also fully compatible with optional DES and includes the TotalTilt function and TERE.

The large displacement cylinder block, like the bigger V6s, features a unique long intake manifold, in-bank exhaust, an electronic control module (ECM) controlled fuel injection system and variable camshaft timing (VCT) resulting in improved reliability and fuel efficiency.

New Drive by Wire Side Flush Mount
Yamaha is also introducing its new Drive by Wire (DBW) 6X9 side flush mount control, designed to bring the benefits of the Helm Master EX to a broader array of premium boats.

The DBW side flush mount uses Yamaha’s latest electronic control system bringing smoother, more precise control through the power range. Easy to install, users will enjoy its ergonomic design and premium feel single-function buttons.

The DBW side flush mount is suitable for single engine configurations from 150hp and above Yamaha outboards.

The new Yamaha V6 range and new DBW Side Flush Mount system are available from 2022 season.