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Maritime Propulsion

July 31, 2023

Yanmar Announces Marine Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

Source: Yanmar

Yanmar Power Technology has commercialized its marine hydrogen fuel cell system.

The system is initially targeted at passenger ships, work boats, and cargo ships that navigate coastal areas where hydrogen replenishment is relatively easy.

Yanmar participated in the development of Japan’s safety guidelines for hydrogen fuel cell ships and the formulation of a roadmap for the use of hydrogen in the shipping sector. It has also conducted demonstrations on test boats and performed 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen filling tests.

The system achieves zero emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx and PM. It is low vibration and low noise, and the gas valve unit is built into the system housing, making it easy to mount on the hull. The standard system is rated for 300kW power output and weighs 3 tons.

The marine hydrogen fuel cell module has obtained Basic Design Approval (AiP) from ClassNK. AiP as a system is currently being applied for.