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Cat C32 Engine Room Video Tour

Posted to Propulsion (by on August 10, 2016

Video: Cat Marine goes inside the engine room of the 40-meter Horizon motor yacht Lady Leila, powered by Cat C32 ACERT propulsion engines.

C32 ACERT Tier 3 Recreational (Image: Cat)

Cat Marine goes inside the engine room of the 40-meter Horizon motor yacht Lady Leila, powered by Cat C32 ACERT propulsion engines.

C32 ACERT propulsion engine ratings of 1,925 mhp (1,900 bhp) 1,417 bkW, 1,825 mhp (1,800 bhp) 1,342 bkW, and 1,622 mhp (1,600 bhp) 1,193 bkW are available with heat exchanger cooling. These ratings are compliant for U.S. EPA Tier 3 Recreational, EU Stage IIIA, and IMO II. The 1,600 and 1,800 bhp ratings are also meet US EPA Tier 3 Commercial Standards. The engine configuration includes an air cleaner and CCV system as well as jacket water aftercooling. Additional features include a “plug-in PTO”, an MECP I control panel, and hybrid fuel lines. The MECP I panel has a monochrome display for engine parameters, external outputs for customer installed visible and audible alarms, Start/Stop buttons, and an Off/Local/Remote switch.

Power Range: 1,600-1,900 bhp (1,193-1,417 bkW)
Engine Speed Range: 2,300 rpm
Emissions: EPA Tier 3, IMO II, EU IW
Aspiration: TTA
Bore: 5.71 in
Stroke: 6.38 in
Displacement: 1,959 in3
Rotation (from flywheel end): Counterclockwise
Configuration: Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Dimensions & Weight
Dry Weight: 6,780 lb
Length: 82.9 in
Height: 56.9 in
Width: 58.3 in

Air Inlet System
Air Cleaner System with washable filter elements and fumes disposal (closed system)
Turbocharger, jacket water cooled
Turbocharger inlet, 152 mm (6 in) OD straight connection

Control System
Programmable Low Idle (550 - 750 rpm)
Electronic diagnostics and fault logging
Engine and transmission monitoring (speed, temperature, pressure)
Electronic fuel/air ratio control
Engine Protection Mode for extended ambient conditions
70-pin customer connector (Upper front-facing customer wiring connector and Service Tool connection)
Throttle Input signal options
Instrument Panels (Optional)

Cooling System
Sea Water Aftercooled Engine
Jacket water pump, gear driven
Sea water pump, rubber impeller, gear driven
Sea water Pump & JW Heat Exchanger Connection: 76.2 mm (3in) OD
Coolant recovery system

Exhaust System
Water-cooled exhaust manifold & turbocharger
4 Bolt 130 mm (5.12 in) diameter flanged outlet
Muffler (Optional)
Muffler Spark Arresting (Optional)

Flywheels & Flywheel Housing
Flywheel Housing

Fuel System
Simplex Fuel Filters Spin-on, RH & LH service
Plate Type Fuel Cooler (Jacket Heat Exchanger)
Fuel transfer pump, gear driven
Manual fuel priming pump
Hybrid fuel line design
Water Separator (Optional)

Lube System
Simplex Oil Filters, RH or LH service
RH or LH service oil filler locations
RH or LH service dipstick
Oil pump, gear driven
Shallow Sump
Transmission Oil Cooler (Optional)

Mounting System
Front support - adjustable
Adapter Kits (Optional)
Isolator Mounts (Optional)

Power Take-Offs
Front Poly-V groove pulley (Quantity 1) for auxiliary drives
Rear Hydraulic Pump Drive (Optional)

Lifting eyes
Front damper guard
RH or LH service options

Charging System (Optional)
Battery Chargers
Charging Alternators

Instrumentation (Optional)
Instrument Panels
OEM Wiring Harness
Engine to Engine Harness
Transmission Sensors
Exhaust Temperature Sensors

Protection System (Optional)
Fuel and Oil Shielding

Starting System (Optional)
Electric Starting Motors - Single 24 Volt
Starting Aids - JW Heaters
Battery Sets - 24 Volt - Dry