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Maritime Propulsion Blogs

ACQUISITION OPPORTUNITY - Stern Tube Seal Manufacturer

Posted to NoName 11 (by BDO Canada Limited ) on February 1, 2021

Untitled 1 BDO Canada Limited (“BDO”), in its capacity as court appointed receiver of 1635536 Ontario Inc. o/a Versitec Marine & Industrial and Versitec Marine USA Inc. (collectively “Versitec” or the “Company”), is inviting offers for the purchase of the assets…

High performance ABB turbocharger for two-stroke diesel engines

Posted to Propulsion (by ABB ) on July 24, 2019

A true bundle of turbocharging energy, the A200-L features a massive 30 percent rise in turbocharger volume flow, thus allowing a considerably smaller, lighter turbocharger to be used on virtually every size of two-stroke engine. And the A200…

Regulatory Growth Drives Search for Durable Lubricants

Posted to Propulsion (by Lauren LionbergerWednesday, June 28, 2017, 12:08 PM ) on June 28, 2017

There are numerous factors that are driving global environmental regulatory growth and the growth in renewable lubricant technologies, such as natural resource constraints, standardizing requirements due to globalization, public opinion and pressure…

Transforming the Marine Ecosystem

Posted to Propulsion (by Tim Schweikert ) on June 13, 2017

Like many other industry sectors, the marine space is undergoing substantial change today. There are three major transformations driving this change:Cleaner fuels – There is a significant shift to achieve lower emissions through the adoption of clean technologies.

MTU's Stefan Müller Talks Hybrid Drives

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on June 2, 2017

Stefan Müller, head of the Marine & Offshore Application Center at MTU explains which hybrid solutions MTU offers, what benefits they provide and to which applications they are particularly suited.What hybrid solutions can MTU offer for marine…

Optimizing Ferries for Electric Power

Posted to Propulsion (by Eric Haun ) on May 5, 2017

Batteries will be the sole power source for two new double-ended ferries being built for operations on Norway’s west coast. The ferries, now under construction at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey and to be operated by Fjord1 and the Norwegian public roads authority Statens Veivesen…

Alternative Ferry Propulsion Systems: A Case Study

Posted to Propulsion (by John W. Waterhouse, P.E. ) on March 22, 2017

Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) serves many ferry customers in North America. These clients read the trade publications and see various articles on new technologies such as hybrid propulsion, battery powered vessels or zero emission vessels.

Industry 4.0 on the High Seas

Posted to Propulsion (by David Grucza ) on March 10, 2017

Werner von Siemens’ mission to lay 50,000 nautical miles of transatlantic cables might not have been destined to fail – but at least one business rival tried to make sure that it would. It wasn’t enough to merely execute a risky project that had never been done before.

IBIA in Attack Mode

Posted to Propulsion (by Tom Mulligan ) on February 24, 2017

The IMO’s MEPC 70 proposals for a marine fuels sulfur cap of 0.5% to be in place by 2020 have attracted severe criticism from several major stakeholders in the maritime sector, including the International Bunker Industry Association, the organization…

Ferry Power: A Smooth and Quiet Ride

Posted to Propulsion (by Joseph Keefe ) on February 6, 2017

Volvo Penta Engines Power Quiet, Reliable Rides for Elizabeth River Ferry Passengers When two new Elizabeth River passenger ferries enter service in early 2017, passengers will not likely give thought to the engines powering the vessel, but they will appreciate the outcome – a smooth and quiet ride.