Monday, April 24, 2017

Maritime Propulsion Blogs

Alternative Ferry Propulsion Systems: A Case Study

Posted to Propulsion (by John W. Waterhouse, P.E. ) on March 22, 2017

Elliott Bay Design Group (EBDG) serves many ferry customers in North America. These clients read the trade publications and see various articles on new technologies such as hybrid propulsion, battery powered vessels or zero emission vessels.

Industry 4.0 on the High Seas

Posted to Propulsion (by David Grucza ) on March 10, 2017

Werner von Siemens’ mission to lay 50,000 nautical miles of transatlantic cables might not have been destined to fail – but at least one business rival tried to make sure that it would. It wasn’t enough to merely execute a risky project that had never been done before.

IBIA in Attack Mode

Posted to Propulsion (by Tom Mulligan ) on February 24, 2017

The IMO’s MEPC 70 proposals for a marine fuels sulfur cap of 0.5% to be in place by 2020 have attracted severe criticism from several major stakeholders in the maritime sector, including the International Bunker Industry Association, the organization…

Ferry Power: A Smooth and Quiet Ride

Posted to Propulsion (by Joseph Keefe ) on February 6, 2017

Volvo Penta Engines Power Quiet, Reliable Rides for Elizabeth River Ferry Passengers When two new Elizabeth River passenger ferries enter service in early 2017, passengers will not likely give thought to the engines powering the vessel, but they will appreciate the outcome – a smooth and quiet ride.

Schottel's Strahberger: One Year at the Helm

Posted to Propulsion (by Greg Trauthwein ) on February 1, 2017

Schottel, a ubiquitous German-based maritime propulsion company, is firing on all cylinders and preparing now for the inevitable maritime market upturn. The company's new Managing Director, Dr. Christian Strahberger, discusses the strategy.While the maritime industry endures an overall downturn…

Interview: Mika Koli, The Switch

Posted to Propulsion (by Greg Trauthwein ) on January 10, 2017

The Switch is a 10 year old company working to advance the world with electrical drive train technology. It is still a relative new player in the global maritime sector with nearly four years of experience, but its first reference ships with…

Marine Battery Systems Come of Age

Posted to Propulsion (by Annie Sennet ) on December 30, 2016

Stricter Regulations Demand Immediate SolutionsDiscovering new means to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiencies are top-of-mind for all companies in today’s day and age. The Paris Climate Deal, initiated nearly a year ago, is just one…

Overcoming the Propeller Supply Bottleneck

Posted to Propulsion (by Don MacPherson and Adam Kaplan ) on October 20, 2016

Maritime Tactical Systems Inc. (MARTAC) is a Florida-based company building next-generation unmanned vessels for military applications. In preparation for the “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) military exercises in Pearl Harbor this last July, MARTAC…

Measuring Noise Levels of Cavitating Propellers

Posted to Propulsion (by Frans Hendrik Lafeber ) on October 4, 2016

Traditionally, underwater radiated noise is mainly of interest for naval vessels and fishery research ships. Nowadays, however, there is a growing concern that marine life is affected by the rise in background noise levels in the oceans. Marine…