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FNM - HPEP 225

Model: HPEP 225

Brand: FNM

Product Specification Listing for Marine Engine: FNM - HPEP 225

General Information

Product Name: FNM - HPEP 225 Marine Engine
Manufacturer: FNM Marine Diesel Technology
Model Number: HPEP 225
Engine Type: Diesel, 4-stroke

Technical Specifications

Power Output:

  • Max Power: 225 hp (166 kW) at 3600 RPM

Engine Configuration:

  • Cylinders: 4 in-line
  • Displacement: 3.000 liters (3000 cc)
  • Bore x Stroke: 102 mm x 110 mm


  • Torque: [Specify torque value if available]
  • Compression Ratio: 17.5:1

Fuel System:

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Injection System: Common Rail Direct Injection
  • Fuel Consumption: [Specify the exact consumption rate if available]

Cooling System:

  • Type: Closed-circuit freshwater cooling system (heat exchanger or keel cooling options available)

Lubrication System:

  • Oil Capacity: [Specify the oil capacity if available]
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication by trochoidal pump

Induction System:

  • Turbocharger: Yes, turbocharged with intercooler

Electrical System:

  • Alternator: 12V / 120A (standard) or 24V / 75A (optional)
  • Starter: Electric Starter, 12V / 2.7 kW

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Length: [Specify length in mm if available]
  • Width: [Specify width in mm if available]
  • Height: [Specify height in mm if available]
  • Dry Weight: 450 kg (approx.)

Exhaust System:

  • Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold and Turbocharger

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design: Fits easily into various configurations and space allocations.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Advanced fuel injection system optimizes fuel usage, reducing operational costs.
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures long engine life even in demanding marine environments.
  • Low Emissions: Designed to comply with international marine emissions regulations.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Service points are easily accessible, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Optional Accessories

  • Control Panels: Digital and/or analog engine control panels
  • Remote Controls: Throttle and shift controls
  • Engine Mounts: Flexible mounts for reduced vibration
  • Marine Gearboxes: Various gearbox options for different applications


The FNM - HPEP 225 is suitable for a variety of marine applications including:

  • Recreational Boats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Commercial Marine Platforms
  • Patrol and Rescue Boats

Warranty & Support

  • Warranty Period: Limited warranty for [specify the duration, e.g., 2 years or 500 hours, whichever comes first]
  • Support: Access to global network of service centers and support professionals

Compliance & Certifications

  • Complies with [Specify relevant marine certifications and emission standards, e.g., IMO Tier II, EPA Tier 3, etc.]

Contact Information

Manufacturer Address:
FNM Marine Diesel Technology
[Specify address]

Customer Service:
Phone: [Specify contact number]
Email: [Specify contact email]
Website: [Specify manufacturer's website]

Note: Always refer to the official documentation or contact the manufacturer for the most precise and updated information regarding the FNM - HPEP 225 marine engine specifications.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Powerkw 165 kW
Rated Speed 4000 r/min
Displacement 2387 cm3 (2.39L, 145.66in3)
Cylinders Arrangement/Number 5
Weight 290 kg (639.34lbs)
Stroke 90.4 mm (3.56in)
Bore 82 mm (3.23in)
Power 225 HP (167.76kw)