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STEYR 174 163.6 HP

Model: 174

Brand: STEYR

Product Specification Listing: Marine Engine STEYR 174 163.6 HP

General Information

  • Product Name: Marine Engine STEYR 174
  • Power Output: 163.6 Horsepower (HP)
  • Manufacturer: STEYR Motors

Engine Specifications

  • Engine Type: In-line 4-cylinder, turbocharged, inter-cooled diesel engine
  • Displacement: 2.1 liters
  • Maximum Power Output: 163.6 HP (120 kW) at 4200 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 320 Nm at 2200 RPM
  • Compression Ratio: 17.5:1
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged and inter-cooled
  • Fuel System: Direct injection, common rail system
  • Fuel Type: Marine diesel
  • Cooling System: Closed circuit freshwater cooling with heat exchanger

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 900 mm
  • Width: 560 mm
  • Height: 760 mm
  • Dry Weight: Approximately 350 kg


  • Operating Range: 650 to 4200 RPM
  • Fuel Consumption:
    • 22 liters per hour at maximum RPM
    • Fuel efficiency varies based on load and operating conditions

Environmental and Compliance

  • Emissions Compliance: Meets IMO, EPA Tier 3 and RCD regulations
  • Noise Level: Designed for low noise operation with advanced sound insulation and reduction technologies

Electrical System

  • Electrical Output: Optional 12V or 24V alternator
  • Starter Motor: Electric start, 12V DC or 24V DC


  • Mounting Configuration: Flexible mounts to reduce vibration and noise
  • Transmission Options: Suitable for various marine gearbox configurations
  • Drive System: Can be configured for inboard, stern drive, and water-jet applications


  • Digital Engine Management System: Advanced control and diagnostic capabilities
  • Corrosion-resistant Materials: Marine-grade materials for durability in salty environments
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of access to service points and routine maintenance tasks
  • Warm-up Device: Built-in device for rapid engine warm-up

Optional Accessories

  • Instrument Panel: Customizable with digital displays for engine monitoring
  • Exhaust Systems: Various options including wet and dry exhaust configurations
  • Cooling Systems: Optional keel cooling kits

Warranty and Support

  • Standard Warranty: 2-year or 2000-hour warranty (whichever comes first)
  • Extended Warranty: Available with additional coverage options
  • Customer Support: Global network of authorized service centers and qualified technicians


  • Recommended Uses: Commercial vessels, pleasure crafts, fishing boats, patrol boats, and other marine applications requiring reliable and efficient power.

Contact Information

NOTE: All specifications and features listed above are subject to change by the manufacturer. For the most accurate and detailed information, please consult the official STEYR Motors product documentation or contact an authorized dealer.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Power 163.6 HP (121.98kw)

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