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Model: 200VMAX

Brand: Yamaha

Product Specifications: Yamaha 200 HP V MAX

General Information:

  • Model Name: Yamaha 200 HP V MAX
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Corporation
  • Engine Type: Outboard

Engine Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 200 HP
  • Engine Type: V6 60° 4.2L
  • Displacement: 4.2 liters
  • Bore x Stroke: 96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 inches)
  • Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
  • Fuel Induction System: EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Ignition System: TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
  • Alternator Output: 50 Amp


  • Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,000 - 6,000 RPM
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded Gasoline, Minimum Octane 89
  • Lubrication System: Wet Sump
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: Subject to boat-specific installation
  • Cooling System: Water/Thermostatic Control

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Shaft Lengths: 20 inches (L), 25 inches (X)
  • Dry Weight:
    • L: Approx. 505 lbs (229 kg)
    • X: Approx. 539 lbs (244 kg)


  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1
  • Exhaust: Through prop with water cooling
  • Steering: Remote Mechanical


  • Variable Camshaft Timing for better acceleration
  • Engine Warning System for overheat, oil pressure, and other critical alerts
  • Yamaha Digital Network Gauges (optional)
  • Power Trim and Tilt
  • Shift Dampener System (SDS) for smoother and quieter shifting

Environmental Standards:

  • Emissions: EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) compliant
  • Noise Reduction Features: Advanced sound-dampening design

Additional Options & Accessories:

  • Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) Anti-theft System
  • Multi-Function Tiller Handle
  • Dual-Battery Charging System


  • Standard Warranty: 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • Extended Warranty: Option for Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.)


  • The performance and fuel economy of the Yamaha 200 HP V MAX may vary depending on the hull design, weight distribution, and other factors related to the specific boat and setup.

For additional details, installation guidelines, or questions related to specific configurations, please consult the Yamaha Motor Corporation’s official manuals or authorized Yamaha dealers.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Outboard Outboard
Engine Type 200 HP V MAX
Lubrication Precision Blend? Oil Injection
Fuelinduction Loop Charged
Trim -3 to +16/70?
Exhaust Through Propeller, Water-cooled, Labyrinth (Exhaust Pressure Reduction System on VZ300B)
Starter Electric
Ignition TCI/Computer
Alternator 50A
Gears F N R
Shaftlength 20/508(in/mm)
Gear Ratio 1.81:1
Rated Speed 5000 r/min
Displacement 3342 cm3 (3.34L, 203.94in3)
Cylinders Arrangement/Number V6 (76 degrees)
Cooling Raw Water/Thermostatic Control
Weight 245 kg (540.13lbs)
Stroke 82 mm (3.23in)
Bore 93 mm (3.66in)
Power 200 HP (149.12kw)

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