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Model: 6HAE

Brand: Yanmar

Product Specification Listing: Marine Engine YANMAR 6HAE 205.9HP

General Information:

  • Brand: YANMAR
  • Model: 6HAE
  • Power Output: 205.9 Horsepower (HP)

Engine Specifications:

  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke, Vertical, Water-Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Number of Cylinders: 6 In-line
  • Displacement: Provide specific displacement (e.g., cubic inches or liters)
  • Bore x Stroke: Provide specific measurements (e.g., millimeters or inches)
  • Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated or Turbocharged (please specify)
  • Rated Power Output: 205.9 HP @ Provide specific RPM (e.g., 1800 RPM)
  • Fuel System: Direct Injection System
  • Compression Ratio: Provide specific ratio (e.g., 18:1)

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Overall Length: Provide specific length (e.g., millimeters or inches)
  • Overall Width: Provide specific width (e.g., millimeters or inches)
  • Overall Height: Provide specific height (e.g., millimeters or inches)
  • Dry Weight: Provide specific weight (e.g., kilograms or pounds)


  • Maximum RPM: Provide specific RPM
  • Fuel Consumption: Specific value per hour (e.g., liters/hour or gallons/hour at a specific RPM)
  • Cooling System: Water-cooled with Heat Exchanger

Electrical System:

  • Alternator: Provide specific details (e.g., voltage and amperage)
  • Battery Requirement: Provide specific requirement (e.g., voltage and capacity)

Additional Features:

  • Control System: Mechanical or Electronic (please specify)
  • Starting System: Electric Start
  • Lubrication System: Forced Lubrication with Oil Cooler
  • Exhaust System: Wet Exhaust Manifold

Certifications and Compliance:

  • Emission Standards: Compliance with specific standards (e.g., IMO, EPA)
  • Industry Certifications: Provide any relevant certifications

Recommended Applications:

  • Primary Uses: Commercial Vessels, Fishing Boats, Yachts, and Other Marine Applications

Maintenance Information:

  • Service Intervals: Provide specific details (e.g., number of hours or months for oil change, filter replacement)
  • Spare Parts Availability: Availability of parts and service centers


  • Warranty Period: Provide specific information (e.g., years or operating hours)
  • Warranty Coverage: Include details on what is covered

Optional Accessories:

  • Engine Mounts: Available for customization
  • Instrumentation: Gauges and Monitors available
  • Remote Control Systems: Optional remote control systems for ease of operation

Note: Please consult the official YANMAR documentation or authorized dealer to obtain precise and detailed specifications, as values may vary based on the exact engine configuration and specific model year.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Power 205.9 HP (153.52kw)

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