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Cat C280-12 4962HP @1000

Model: Cat C280-12

Brand: Caterpillar

Product Description

Cat C280-12 4962HP @ 1000 RPM

Unleash the power of the sea with the Cat C280-12 marine engine, designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability for the most demanding marine applications. With a formidable power output of 4962 Horsepower at 1000 RPM, this engine sets the benchmark for marine propulsion systems, combining cutting-edge technology with robust construction to ensure superior endurance and operational efficiency.

Whether utilized in commercial shipping, offshore platforms, or specialized marine vessels, the Cat C280-12 is engineered to meet the toughest marine standards and environmental regulations. It is the ultimate power solution for operators who require nothing less than the best in power, reliability, and efficiency.


  • The Cat C280-12 4962HP @ 1000 RPM marine engine is competitively priced at approximately USD 1,500,000.00, though actual pricing may vary based on additional customization and regional considerations.

Key Features

  • Powerful Output: Generates a formidable 4962 HP at 1000 RPM, ensuring exceptional performance in all marine conditions.
  • Advanced Fuel System: Equipped with an electronically controlled fuel system for optimized fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
  • Robust Construction: Built to endure harsh marine environments with high-strength materials and corrosion-resistant components.
  • Efficient Cooling: State-of-the-art cooling system that ensures optimal temperature control, reducing wear and increasing engine longevity.
  • Integrated Diagnostics: Advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems for real-time performance tracking and maintenance planning.
  • High Efficiency: Enhanced combustion efficiency to maximize fuel economy and minimize operating costs.

Technical Specifications

| Specification | Detail | |------------------------|---------------------------------| | Engine Model | Cat C280-12 | | Rated Power | 4962 HP / 3700 kW @ 1000 RPM | | Engine Type | 4-stroke, V-12, Turbocharged | | Displacement | 280.32 liters | | Aspiration | Turbocharged-Aftercooled | | Bore x Stroke | 280 mm x 300 mm | | Compression Ratio | 14:1 | | Fuel System | EUI (Electronic Unit Injector) | | Governor Type | ADEM™ A4 | | Cooling System | Heat Exchanger | | Length | 4793 mm | | Width | 2320 mm | | Height | 3843 mm | | Dry Weight | 27,830 kg |

Marine Applications

The Cat C280-12 is versatile and can be employed across a range of marine applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in each use case:

  • Commercial Shipping Vessels: Ideal for large cargo ships, container vessels, and bulk carriers requiring reliable and continuous power.
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms: Provides essential power to platforms and drilling rigs, ensuring stable and dependable operation.
  • Passenger Ferries & Cruise Ships: Enables swift and safe transportation with minimal downtime due to its robustness and reliability.
  • Fishing Vessels: Supports large-scale fishing operations by delivering consistent and powerful propulsion.
  • Tugboats & Salvage Tugs: Supplies critical power needed for towing operations and salvage missions.
  • Military Ships: Reliable source of power for naval vessels, from patrol boats to larger frigates and destroyers, fitting the high operational demands of defense missions.
  • Specialized Vessels: Suitable for research ships, survey ships, and other specialized marine operations requiring high performance and reliability.

Redefine your marine power solutions with the Cat C280-12, and set sail with confidence knowing you are equipped with one of the world's leading marine engines.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Stroke 299.72 mm (11.80in)
Bore 279.40 mm (11.00in)
Height 3403.6 mm (134.00in)
Width 2032.00 mm (80.00in)
Length 4622.8 mm (182.00in)
Power 4962 HP (3699.67kw)
Weight 25980 kg (57276.10lbs)
Displacement 221979 cm3 (221.98L, 13545.99in3)
Rated Speed 1000 r/min

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