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MTU 16V-1163-TB73L 6973 HP

Model: 16V-1163-TB73L

Brand: MTU

Product Specification Listing for Marine Engine: MTU 16V-1163-TB73L (6973 HP)

General Information

  • Manufacturer: MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH
  • Model: 16V-1163-TB73L
  • Type: Marine Diesel Engine
  • Application: Heavy-duty commercial and military vessels


  • Power Output: 6,973 Horsepower (HP) (approx. 5200 kW)
  • Engine Type: V16 Cylinder, Turbocharged and Intercooled
  • Rated Speed: Approximately 1300 RPM

Engine Specifications

  • Number of Cylinders: 16
  • Configuration: V-type, 90-degree bank angle
  • Bore: 230 mm
  • Stroke: 280 mm
  • Displacement: 76.3 liters

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: Approx. 4,400 mm (173.2 inches)
  • Width: Approx. 2,350 mm (92.5 inches)
  • Height: Approx. 3,150 mm (124.0 inches)
  • Dry Weight: Approx. 17,000 kg (37,478 lbs)

Fuel System

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Injection Type: Direct fuel injection
  • Injection System: Common rail system

Cooling System

  • Type: Closed cooling circuit with heat exchanger
  • Coolant: Water/Glycol mixture
  • Intercooler: Sea water-cooled intercooler for turbocharging system

Lubrication System

  • Lubricant: High-performance diesel engine oil
  • Oil Capacity: Approx. 430 liters
  • System: Pressurized lubrication with centrifugal oil filter

Air System

  • Turbocharger: Twin turbocharged
  • Air Intake: Turbocharged with air-to-water intercooling

Exhaust System

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR): Available for emissions control
  • Exhaust Type: Water-cooled exhaust manifold


  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Starter: 24V electric starter motor
  • Alternator: Integrated alternator for on-board power supply

Emissions Compliance

  • Standards: Complies with IMO Tier II and MARPOL Annex VI regulations

Additional Features

  • Engine Control System: Advanced electronic engine management system (ADEC)
  • Monitoring: Integrated diagnostics and monitoring system for operational efficiency
  • Maintenance: Easily accessible service points for simplified maintenance


  • Classifications: Compliant with leading maritime classification societies, such as ABS, DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register


  • Standard Warranty: Typically 12 months or 1,000 operating hours, whichever comes first. (Check with MTU for specific terms)

Optional Accessories

  • Gearbox: Compatible with various marine gearboxes
  • Mounting: Flexible and rigid mounting options available
  • Additional Components: PTO (Power Take-Off) options, custom configurations for specific applications

Contact Information

  • Sales Inquiries: MTU Official Website
  • Customer Support: Available globally through MTU service centers


  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please consult MTU for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Performance metrics and dimensions are based on standard configuration and may vary based on customizations and operational conditions.

This listing provides an overview of the primary specifications for the MTU 16V-1163-TB73L marine engine. For detailed engineering requirements, operational guidelines, and integration assistance, direct contact with MTU or an authorized distributor is recommended.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Rated Speed 1230 r/min
Cylinders Arrangement/Number V16
Power 6973 HP (5199.07kw)

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