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Model: D49A MS

Brand: Volvo Penta

Product Specification Listing

Marine Engine: Volvo Penta D49A MS 1300.8 HP


The Volvo Penta D49A MS is a high-performance marine engine designed for commercial and advanced recreational vessels. It combines robust power output with exceptional fuel efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice for demanding maritime applications.


General Characteristics:

  • Engine Model: D49A MS
  • Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
  • Type: Marine Diesel Engine
  • Power Output: 1300.8 HP (Horsepower)
  • Configuration: Inline 6-Cylinder
  • Displacement: [Insert displacement here] (e.g., 12.8 liters, specify exact)


  • Maximum RPM: [Insert Max RPM]
  • Torque: [Insert Torque]
  • Fuel System: Common Rail Direct Injection
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Emissions Compliance: [Insert compliance standard] (e.g., IMO Tier III)

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Length: [Insert Length] mm
  • Width: [Insert Width] mm
  • Height: [Insert Height] mm
  • Dry Weight: [Insert Weight] kg

Cooling System:

  • Cooling Type: Heat Exchanger with Sea Water Cooling
  • Pump Type: Centrifugal Seawater Pump

Lubrication System:

  • Oil Capacity: [Insert oil capacity] L
  • Oil Change Interval: [Insert interval] hours

Electrical System:

  • Alternator: 24V / [Insert amperage] A
  • Starter Motor: 24V

Fuel System:

  • Fuel Consumption: [Insert fuel consumption] L/hr at cruising speed
  • Fuel Injection: Common-Rail

Intake & Exhaust:

  • Turbocharging: Yes
  • Intercooling: Charge Air Cooler

Additional Features:

  • Control System: Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system for precise management
  • Engine Monitoring: Integrated monitoring system with diagnostics
  • Gearbox Options: Suitable for various marine gearbox configurations
  • Maintenance Access: Easy access points for routine maintenance
  • Sound Dampening: Enhanced design for reduced operational noise


  • Commercial Vessels
  • Workboats
  • High-Performance Recreational Boats
  • Passenger Ferries

Certification & Standards:

  • Certifications: [List any specific certifications] (e.g., ISO 9001, etc.)
  • Compliance: Meets international marine standards


  • Standard Warranty: [Insert warranty duration] (e.g., 2 years or 2000 hours)

Optional Accessories:

  • Digital Display Panels
  • Additional Fuel Filters
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Dual Station Controls

For more information, please refer to the official Volvo Penta product manual or contact your local dealer.

Note: Specifications are subject to change. Please verify details with the manufacturer or authorized dealer.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Power 1300.8 HP (969.88kw)

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