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Model: 480 HP


Product Description: MERCRUISER QSB5.9-480 (RESTRICTED)

The MERCRUISER QSB5.9-480 (RESTRICTED) is a powerhouse marine engine designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for a wide range of watercraft. Developed with advanced engineering and precision, this engine offers a seamless blend of power, durability, and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for both recreational boating and professional maritime applications.

This restricted version of the MERCRUISER QSB5.9-480 is fine-tuned to meet stringent compliance standards, without compromising its performance. The engine's robust build ensures consistent operation in the most demanding marine environments, while its advanced features promote optimal fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Key Highlights:

  • Advanced Cummins Design: Incorporates Cummins’ latest advancements in diesel engine technology.
  • High Power Output: Delivers 480 horsepower for robust performance.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimized for fuel economy, reducing operating costs.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to monitor and control, with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.


  • Model: QSB5.9-480 (RESTRICTED)
  • Engine Type: Diesel, In-line 6 Cylinder, 4-Stroke
  • Displacement: 5.9 liters (359 cubic inches)
  • Horsepower: 480 HP at 3300 RPM
  • Torque: 908 lb-ft (1231 Nm) at 2000 RPM
  • Fuel System: High-pressure Common Rail (HPCR)
  • Emission Controls: Meets EPA Tier 3 and IMO Tier II standards
  • Cooling System: Sea water heat exchanged
  • Weight: Approximately 1,250 lbs (567 kg) – varies by configuration
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 50.8 x 33.1 x 42.2 inches (1290 x 840 x 1072 mm)
  • Electrical System: 12V DC standard, 24V DC optional
  • Oil Capacity: 24.7 quarts (23.4 liters)
  • Alternator: 12V 160 amps standard, 24V 80 amps optional

The MERCRUISER QSB5.9-480 (RESTRICTED) ensures you receive the highest levels of performance and efficiency with the peace of mind that comes from a trusted name in marine engines. It's built to keep you going, whether you’re cruising leisurely or pushing through tough conditions.

[Product Type: Engine]

Product Specifications

Strokein 4.72 in
Stroke 120 mm (4.72in)
Rated Speed 3400 r/min
Powerkw 352 kW
Power 480 HP (357.89kw)
Displacementin3 359 in3
Displacement 5.9 cm3 (0.01L, 0.36in3)
Cylinders Arrangement/Number 6
Borein 4.02 in
Bore 102 mm (4.02in)