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Maritime Propulsion

April 14, 2021

Cummins Launches Remote Monitoring Solution PrevenTech Marine

Image credit: Cummins

Power solutions provider Cummins on Tuesday announced a remote monitoring solution for marine vessels called PrevenTech Marine.

PrevenTech monitors Cummins-powered assets remotely, using connectivity, big data, advanced analytics, and IoT to help avoid unplanned downtime through the advanced detection, reporting, and diagnosis of potential engine health issues, Cummins said.

Rachel Bridges, Cummins Director and General Manager of Global Marine, said, "PrevenTech delivers deeper, actionable insights around the health and performance of Cummins engines and genset controls for customer peace of mind. We have and will continue to explore the most efficient and convenient ways to make this value-add information to suit all marine applications."

Cummins said that PrevenTech Marine will be made available to Cummins-powered clients in mid-2021. 

"It will be initially offered through integration with Siren Marine, a leader in Cloud-based Connected Boat technology, providing actionable data to commercial and recreational propulsion engine customers. Siren Marine’s technology enables vessel-wide monitoring allowing customers to track and manage vessels and fleets through a convenient online portal," Cummins said.

Cummins said that its PrevenTech solutions are also available for applications across additional segments, including mining, oil and gas, rail, and will soon be introduced for on-highway and electric vehicle applications.