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March 5, 2015

BIMCO Environmental Performance Guide


BIMCO today launched a new, multi-part guidance resource to support ship owners and operators in improving their environmental performance and the efficiency of their ships.

BIMCO’s Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management, developed in partnership with maritime efficiency specialists Fathom, and supported by ClassNK, provides a resource to facilitate compliance with environmental regulations and assist owners and operators in the development of an environmental and efficiency management system.
This first-of-a-kind, comprehensive resource allows ship owners and operators to develop an all-encompassing environmental and efficiency management system.

The need for this sort of independent, fit for purpose resource is greater than ever, given the complexity of the regulations governing the impact of shipping operations on the environment and the ever-present need to drive ship efficiency.

That is why this Guide has been developed with the industry for the industry. BIMCO’s Marine Committee, in addition to a selection of ship owners, operators and industry experts, were fundamental in shaping the structure and content of the Guide. This industry expertise ensures that it is of high practical use to ship owners and operators, both in terms of navigating the different environmental regulations and establishing a company-specific environmental and efficiency management system.

Claude Dumais, Vice-President, Technical Operations and Environment, CSL Group commented, “CSL assisted in the development of this Guide by sharing our technical expertise and experience in improving the environmental performance of our shipping operations. We believe the knowledge and insights contained in the Guide’s pages will contribute to improving environmental management and fleet efficiency around the world.”

Yasushi Nakamura, Executive Vice President, ClassNK, commented, “We believe that publications like this one will be of great benefit to owners and operators as they seek to achieve safe, effective and environmental friendly compliance. We are honoured to have supported the Guide’s development.”

John Denholm, President of BIMCO, commented, “I recommend this Guide to ship owners and operators as an excellent tool to facilitate the efficient management of ships, with steps to tackle the great and complex environmental challenges they face on a daily basis.

“It can also assist companies in minimising the risk of global non-compliance issues, which can be very costly and inconvenient for owners and operators.”

Catherine Austin, Executive Director, Fathom commented, “The extensive review process means that this Guide has been written by the industry, for the industry – ultimately helping companies remain competitive in today’s complex regulatory landscape.”

“This is the first publication to address the lack of a single resource covering both comprehensive information on environmental and efficiency management and to provide a framework for shipping companies to develop their own tailored system.”

There are three resources within The Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management. ‘Part One - The Framework’ provides a modular environmental and efficiency management framework to support ship owners and operators in developing and implementing an environmental and efficiency management system.

‘Part Two - The Handbook’ is a technical and regulatory reference manual inclusive of all international and regional regulations that govern the environmental impact of shipping operations and drive increased ship efficiency.  For each area that is governed under international or regional regulations, the relevant regulatory requirements are provided alongside routes to move beyond compliance, the business benefits for moving beyond compliance and how to measure performance. 

‘Part Three - The Templates’ is an extensive library of templates in the form of logbooks, forms and data collection tools that support the information provided in Part Two.

The Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management is available to order online from BIMCO or Fathom via or

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