Friday, March 1, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

January 11, 2024

Campbell Towboat Repowered With Mitsubishi Engines

(Photo: Laborde Products)

Campbell Transportation Company has repowered one of its towboats, the M/V Louise S, as part of an ongoing effort to modernize its fleet and enhance operational efficiency.

The vessel, a 150-foot-long triple screw towboat built in 1968, was previously powered by three EMD 12-645 propulsion engines. Its new Tier 3 Mitsubishi S16R-Y3 engines, provided by Laborde Products and each outputting 1,675 horsepower, bring the total vessel power to 5,025 horsepower, significantly enhancing the boat's capability and efficiency. Sewart Supply provided the vessel's new Twin Disc MGX5600DR marine gears and EC300 electronic controls.

"With a long working history with Laborde Products, it was an easy decision to partner with them for our two major repower projects on the Louise S and CJ Queenan. We replaced the vessels' previous engines with more efficient Tier 3, S16R Mitsubishi engines. Since the Louise S has returned to service, the numbers indicate significant fuel savings and noticeable performance improvement. We are extremely pleased with the results we are currently seeing," said Captain Michael Pilgrim, Director of Maintenance at Campbell Transportation Company.

"We are honored to have partnered with Campbell Transportation on this repower project," said Trace Laborde, Vice President of Sales at Laborde Products. "Our focus is always on delivering optimal performance and reliability to our customers, and we believe that the Mitsubishi S16R-Y3 engines will provide exactly that for the M/V Louise S."

Kyle Buese, President at Campbell Transportation, expressed his gratitude and satisfaction with the project outcome, stating, "Thanks to Laborde, the crew of the Louise, and the Campbell team for doing an amazing job with this project. The boat is an excellent reflection of our company and its namesake."