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Maritime Propulsion

June 8, 2022

EALs Approved for Use in Schottel Controllable Propellers

Schottel Controllable Propeller. Image courtesy Schottel

Schottel has approved Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for the use in its ControllablePropeller (SCP) units. Following an extensive testing period in the in-house test benches, oils that were able to meet the OEM’s high performance and quality requirements were technically approved for the use in CP hubs. The EALs are not only able to fully replace the mineral oils used so far, but offer a further advantage with their biodegradability. As a result, they ensure to not harm the environment in the long term. In the meantime and in accordance with the vessel owners, there are several long-term references available for vessels with SCPs, operating with the EALs approved.