Monday, July 22, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

January 25, 2024

Marine Jet Power to Supply Waterjets for New Fireboat in Korea

(Image: Marine Jet Power)

Marine Jet Power (MJP) announced it has been selected to supply its 850 DRB waterjets for a new fireboat being built for South Korea's Incheon Metropolitan City.

The 36.2-meter fireboat, set to become the flagship vessel at the littoral of Incheon, will be built at Asian Shipbuilding in Korea for scheduled delivery in January 2025.

It will be equipped with dual MJP 850 DRB waterjets. MJP will also provide a dynamic positioning system to enhance station-keeping capabilities during firefighting operations.

MJP’s JetMaster 3 control system will govern the helm, providing seamless and responsive control over the vessel’s movements. Moreover, the fireboat will feature MJP’s electronic firefighting mode, facilitating the safe and efficient operation of fire pumps connected to propulsion engines. This innovative feature enables the sharing of engines between firefighting and propulsion, ensuring optimal performance in all operational aspects.

Another key function of MJP’s JetMaster 3 system is the integrated dynamic positing system which will grant precise control, allowing the fireboat to maintain its position, hold heading, and anchor with precision during critical firefighting tasks.

“We are thrilled to contribute our expertise and cutting-edge technology to Incheon Metropolitan City’s firefighting capabilities,” said Silver Park, Regional Director of MJP Korea. “This collaboration reinforces MJP’s commitment to providing advanced propulsion solutions that prioritize safety and efficiency.”