Sunday, May 19, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

May 9, 2024

Mitsui Advances Big Engine Track Record

Mitsui E&S has announced that the group's total production of large marine engines in FY2023 was 155 units with a cumulative horsepower of 3.16 million. In FY2024, the group anticipates producing146 units with a cumullative horsepower of 3.04 million.

Since forming a technical partnership with B&W (now MAN Energy Solutions) in 1926, Mitsui E&S has established a production track record as one of the world's top manufacturers.

Mitsui E&S DU Co., Ltd., which was established as a Mitsui E&S Group company in April 2023, has been manufacturing large marine engines under the DU brand for 75 years - since it entered into a technical cooperation agreement with Sulzer (now WinGD) in 1948.

The Mitsui E&S Group is therefore a licensee of both MAN Energy Solutions and WinGD and has been able to provide customers with both brands of large marine engines since April 2023. The Group is expanding its production facilities to meet increasing demand for next-generation fuel engines. It is developing ammonia- fueled engines and peripheral equipment, and successfully operated a large marine engine using hydrogen fuel for the first time in the world earlier this year.