Monday, July 15, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

July 3, 2024

New Ship Motors with RINA Approval

Menzel thoroughly tested the ship motors in its inhouse test field (here: squirrel-cage motor with water jacket cooling) (Photo: Menzel Elektromotoren)

Menzel Elektromotoren reports it has manufactured two electric motors for marine applications for an Italian shipbuilder, complete with approval by RINA, the Italian naval registration company. The squirrel-cage motors will power the bow thrusters on a new seagoing coast guard vessel and a logistic support ship for the petroleum industry.

According to Menzel, its modular approach enables flexible, application-specific motor designs and feature options. The motor for the new ship was implemented with IC 81W cooling, with a seawater-resistant air-to-water heat exchanger that can be supplied with seawater up to 32 °C. The second machine replaces an existing motor and was designed with cooling type IC 71W to match the available space. Here, water jacket cooling enables a more compact, lighter and quieter design of the entire drive system. The two VFD-driven vertical motors feature respective frame sizes of 450 and 500 and deliver outputs of 850 kW and 1000 kW at a nominal voltage of 690 V. The ship motors boast IP55 ingress protection.

Menzel said it also offers motors with higher IP ratings for marine and petrochemical applications. The German family-run company supplies ship chandlers and the offshore industry with larger electric motors (from about 500 kW) for thrusters, pumps, fans and with special motors and explosion-proof versions according to current standards and energy efficiency classifications.