Saturday, April 20, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

February 16, 2024

Seatrium Secures World-First CCS Retrofit

Image courtesy of Solvang

Seatrium has secured the world’s first full-scale, turnkey carbon capture and storage (CCS) retrofit from Solvang ASA, Norway.

The retrofit of a 7MW Wärtsilä CCS system will be carried out on Solvang’s 21,289 cubic meter ethylene carrier, Clipper Eris, and is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of this year. The project will use amine cleaning technology to capture 70% of the CO2 in the exhaust gas from the main engine.

Seatrium’s scope of work includes basic design, detailed engineering, procurement, upgrading of electrical and automation systems, as well as the integration of a carbon capture and compression / storage system.

Tor Ask, Fleet Director of Solvang ASA, said, “The technology will be piloted onboard the vessel over a year while it is operating commercially. If the pilot project is successful, Solvang intends to install the technology on some of our vessels, including newbuilds, thereby contributing to a faster take-up of the technology.”