Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Maritime Propulsion

December 10, 2020

WE Tech Equips Donsötank’s Newbuilds with ESS Package

(Image: Donsötank)

Finnish energy efficiency solution provider WE Tech Solutions said it has received an order to complete its earlier scope of supply with energy storage systems (ESS) integrated in the package delivered earlier this year, including propulsion drives, permanent magnet shaft generator, shore connection switchgear, bow thruster motor and DC link for two new 22,000 DWT chemical and oil tankers built by Wuhu Shipyard Co. Ltd for the Swedish shipowner Rederi AB Donsötank.

The ESS can provide peak shaving functionality to ensure an efficient operation of the auxiliary generators while all large consumers are provided a very fast load response and the electrical network is kept stable. The battery banks can also act as a spinning reserve to provide an energy reserve for power generation, allowing for single generator operation i.e. limiting unnecessary parallel running of generators. This functionality is available when power is generated from the shaft generator or from auxiliary generators. In case a generator is unexpectedly shut down, the battery ensures a blackout prevention functionality to keep the electrical network alive until a stand-by auxiliary generator comes online.

While vessel is in the harbor, it can be connected to the shore electric power grid, which directly supplies vessel’s electrical system and the ESS recharging. This eliminates the need of generating electricity by generators and therefore minimize environmental footprint, the manufacturer noted. Thanks to WE Drive, the vessel’s power grid can be seamlessly matched to the harbor’s shore supply in terms of voltage and frequency. This versatile and flexible solution will save tons of fuel and reduce emissions both at sea and in the harbor.

The Energy Storage System is partly financed by Klimatklivet, a program by Naturvårdsverket i.e., the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.