Friday, July 19, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

June 25, 2024

Amogy's Converted Tug Gearing Up for Ammonia Test Run

Rendering of the NH3 Kraken (Image: Amogy)

A 67-year-old tugboat being converted to run on Amogy's cleaner-burning ammonia-to-power technology will soon be put to the test in upstate New York.

The105-foot tug, originally built in 1957 and recently renamed NH3 Kraken, will be the first vessel globally fitted with the innovative, carbon-free power system, developed by Amogy to reduce emissions from hard to abate sectors such as maritime.

The conversion project currently underway at Feeney Shipyard in Kingston, N.Y. involves a comprehensive overhaul of the tugboat's original diesel generators and electric motors, integrating the Brooklyn startup's 1-megawatt ammonia-to-power system.

Once installed, Amogy’s onboard solution will feed liquid ammonia through its cracking modules integrated into a hybrid fuel cell system that will provide zero-carbon power to the vessel’s electric motors. Ammonia, which does not emit CO2 when used as a fuel, has been gaining interest in the maritime industry as stakeholders explore options to decarbonize vessel operations. Green ammonia produced with renewable energy results in zero well-to-wake greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Amogy's website, the company plans to demonstrate the technology aboard NH3 Kraken in an inland waterway in New York this summer.

Having already proven its technology on an aerial drone (5 kW), tractor (100 kW) and semi truck (300 kW), Amogy said the trial will be the final technical demonstration ahead of product commercialization. The company has several agreements in place to supply its technology for other vessel types worldwide.