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Maritime Propulsion

July 2, 2012

Outboards With Battery-less Fuel Injection

Suzuki Marine introduces DF15A and DF20A four-stroke outboard engines with battery-less fuel injection and lean burn control system

The manufacturers say that boaters with smaller boats can now enjoy the benefits of fuel injection, including easier starts, more responsive acceleration and smoother performance, without the added weight and complications of a battery.

Fuel injection system components (high pressure fuel pump, throttle body and small fuel cooler, vapor separator and fuel injector) have been completely redesigned by Suzuki Engineers to be as compact and lightweight as possible.  The Electronic Control Module (ECM) was designed to operate without auxiliary battery power, while still delivering complete fuel system monitoring and control functions.

Boath outboards feature Suzuki Marine's Lean Burn Control System.  This proven system monitors engine operating conditions to predict and deliver the most efficient fuel/air mixture and results in noticeable improvements in fuel economy over the entire operating range.

The Suzuki DF15A and DF20A weigh just 97 lbs. (short shaft/manual start models) making these outboards the lightest in their class.  In addition, they are far more compact and take up less space on the transom.

These new Suzuki Outboards meet the US EPA standards for emissions and have received the Three-Star Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resource Board (CARB).



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