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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by June 30, 2016

Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thrusters Ordered for New Tug

Rolls-Royce has won an order for US255 FP z-drives from San Francisco’s Vessel Chartering LLC, a wholly owned division of Baydelta Navigation. The thrusters will provide the propulsion for a new high performance tractor tug designed by Jensen Maritime, Crowley Maritime Corp.’s Seattle-based naval architecture and engineering firm. 
The multipurpose tractor tug, which is being built by JT Marine of Vancouver, Wash., was jointly developed by Vessel Chartering LLC and Jensen. 
The 110-foot long vessel will feature the ship assist and escort capabilities of smaller harbor tugs, while delivering the improved towing performance and increased range of larger ocean-going tugs. 
The escort capability was enhanced to provide support for assisting large, 18,000 TEU, containerships due to an increased future demand in West Coast ports of call. The design offers the flexibility to support ship escorts, assists and towing. 
According to Erik Larsen, Rolls-Royce, General Manager – Merchant “Rolls-Royce and Baydelta have been working together since the 90’s. The company has supplied Rolls-Royce Z-Drives to Baydelta’s entire fleet of tractor tugs as well as providing azimuth thrusters to more than 100 ship assist and escort tugs in North America. Rolls-Royce US 205 and US 255 azimuth thrusters are ideally suited to provide the maneuverability and bollard pull needed for operations in larger harbors, terminals and escort applications. One of the reasons for success is the product’s ability to provide bollard pull of 90-plus short tons for tugs.” 
Rolls-Royce azimuth thrusters have ducted fixed pitch propellers and can be rotated 360 degrees around the vertical axis, providing omni-directional thrust and superior maneuverability, giving the ability to direct thrust and turn on the spot as well as improved crash stop. Flexibility in design provides freedom in location and shafting and can reduce building costs.
The tug is planned for delivery in the second quarter of 2017 to Vessel Chartering LLC., a wholly owned division of Baydelta Navigation Ltd.
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